New Project Inquiry


Thank you for your interest in EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center, LLC or EICRC. EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center works in collaboration with Southern California and Southern Nevada-based enterprises to promote economic growth, business innovation, and local job-creation.

What Is EB-5
Congress created the fifth employment-based preference (EB-5) immigrant visa category in 1990 for high net-worth foreigners seeking to invest in a business that will benefit the U.S. economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers. The basic amount required to invest is $1 million, although that amount is reduced to $500,000 if the investment is made in a high unemployment area. The benefits of the immigration program are simple. The American business receives start-up or expansion capital, and the immigrant investor receives a minority business ownership and an expedited green card.

What We Do
EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center is an investment fund created by business and legal professionals. We source high net-worth immigrant investors who wish to invest in an American business in order to obtain lawful permanent residence through the EB-5 green card program. The EB-5 program has already attracted billions of dollars into emerging and expanding American businesses, and during depressed economic times such as these, provides an optimal source of business-financing with attractive terms.

How It Begins
As an interested business, EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center, LLC or EICRC respectfully requests an initial business plan in order that we may understand your business and evaluate its suitability for the EB-5 program. The business plan should include the following information:

  • Business description and objectives
  • Description of products and/or services
  • Brief Market Analysis
  • Description of target market and prospective customers
  • List of required permits and licenses obtained (if any)
  • Description of the manufacturing or production processes (if applicable)
  • Materials required and supply sources (if applicable) Any contract executed for materials supply, products distribution, or real estate (if applicable)
  • Business organization structure and personnel’s experience
  • Staffing requirements and timetable for hiring (including brief job description)
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales, cost, income projection, and detail of the bases thereof.
    We look forward to working in tandem with your new enterprise. Please contact us through our Contact Us page.