Role of the Regional Center

Our investment process is disciplined and thorough; we only select businesses and partners that we determine have outstanding investment track records. As part of our partnership with our EB-5 investors, we perform the following services:


  • Perform rigorous due diligence of potential businesses
  • Prepare detailed business plans and econometric studies to satisfy USCIS EB-5 requirements
  • Plan aggressive financial and management strategies to assist our investors
  • Secure investments with real estate as collateral
  • Secure a preferred return for EB-5 investors on their investment
  • Determine whether a proposed investment opportunity meets the minimum investment criteria
  • Determine whether a proposed qualifying investment meets the job creation requirements of EB-5 green cards.


    EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center, LLC (EICRC) will manage day to day operations of the EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center as well as investment and due diligence analysis. Each limited partnership agreement, whereby EICRC will often serve as the General Partner, will include a description of advisory and administrative services provided to each limited partnership. The day to day management of each limited partnership will be conducted by the General Partner. A more complete description of the General Partner’s duties will be described in the limited partnership agreement and other other offering materials. Broadly speaking, however, as General Partner of the limited partnership, EICRC will:

  • Monitor the target business with respect to continuing qualification under the program
  • Monitor the qualifying investments and the financial performance of the target business
  • Update the limited partners on the investment with semi-annual reports
  • Call meetings of limited partners, as necessary
  • Maintain limited partnership books and records
  • Retain lawyers, auditors and other professionals as may be required on behalf of the limited partnership


  • In order to help with a smooth EB-5 application process, EICRC will provide the following documents to the EB-5 investor’s immigration attorney:
  • A comprehensive business plan that satisfies USCIS requirements.
  • A project-specific econometric study that fully describes the regional center job-creation.
  • A signed copy of the limited partnership agreement.
  • All offering memoranda.
  • All escrow documentation to evidence investment of EB-5 funds. EB5 Impact Capital Regional Center is committed to providing stable, secure investment opportunities to promote a simple and profitable immigration process.